Training this Generation of Missionaries

CFNI International has worked for over 45 years and today is serving missionaries in over 30 nations.

These missionaries are involved in a variety of activities such as church planting, discipleship, education and evangelization. Many are actively involved in preaching, teaching, pastoral work with children, youth and women's ministry. Some are directors of orphanages and Bible schools. Others are impacting their local communities through dental health, agricultural training, and community development. Many serve in extremely difficult circumstances, bringing the love of Christ and the message of the Gospel to the unreached.     Do you want to be part of them?

How would you respond?

As a pastor or leader in your local church, how would you answer the following questions?


  • How does your church respond if a leader says they feel called to serve God in another nation?


  • When someone asks what the church does for global missions, how does the church respond?


  • Are you knowledgeable of missions and the possibilities of how your church can influence the world?

5 Ways CPN Can Help You . . 

Christ For The Nations Colombia wants to support the mission work of your church and be a strategic  ally in continuing to extend the Kingdom of God to this generation. We want to be a bridge between the local church and the Nations of the earth in the following ways:

1. Complete Individual Training: If you have someone with a missionary call in your congregation but needs full training, submit two-year program at our institute biblical leadership and human development. We guarantee you will have an experience with Christ that affirm their calling and prepare your character for missionary work.


2. Training Camp: If you have a missionary in power on your computer, you only need a practical training and affirmation in his call, send it to us for six months, to be trained by missionaries and teachers who will give you the necessary tools.


3. Missions Director Training: Maybe you thought about lifting a missions department in your congregation and you have someone who can be at the forefront of this work, send it and we will give instructions for this task.


4.  Logistical Support:     As a Logistics Support mission agency, we can guide the missionaries your church are sending to the world and accompany them throughout the process of connecting to the destination country, its distance and grazing management of economic resources.


5.  Church Missions Teams: If you want to organize a mission trip with the body of your congregation's leadership, we will accompany and advise on everything!

We're more than just another Bible institute...

we are Christ For The Nations Missions!



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